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Friday, April 30, 2010

= (

y0u are,the 0nly excepti0n....

Friday, February 12, 2010

be with me

back to update this dead blog.Its cny hols.Im not going anywhere.
Great!coz all I wanna do is sleeeeeeeeep the whole day.Dont wanna
wake up :) Im so sorr.I dont know what the heck is going on with fb.
I cant upload those pic's that u guys wanted.I've tried so many times.
I'll try again n again yeaaaa :) Lotssssssssss of homework andddd

Project 4 pmrrrr.rawrrr!!And no,chow!Happpy
chinese new year!and happy hols!exam is just one week away!
study time!=)
-archie is signing off-

Saturday, February 6, 2010

dah uppdate !

Hey hey hey !Im backk :)
Happy Birthday to sueee sarahh.

p/s:thx to sarah.aku finally ckp dgn ____ :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009


aku patah hati.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

X de pape.

Finally !My Dad bought D5000 =DD
Yeahhhhh !

My awesomeeeeeeeeeee camera !

Me favourite

Me idol nowww


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Is awesome :) Wanna watch again :D With diff people :)
With u ?

In my dream !

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birthday + Class Party = Gembira !

I am back baby !!!=DD woohooo !!!LOL .So , my dad asked me to choose where
I wanna celebrate my birthday.But then , I told him not to cause of lazynessssss.
And some reason.Malaslahh nak list out !!!!!And~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This , is what I get for my birthdayyy =)

A super nice birthday card from my classmate since I was in form 1 ,
Yee Pei Kiew =) Thanks bayyybehhh !!!!

Wooohhh !!!I appreciate it =)
This , is what the 4 princeses call me =.=
Rosemary , Fat , Gemuk .

Thx broo !!!


And Im wondering , who the heck ids Carney Pok ????0.0

"Made by yp on 2.17 am" thanks =)
Thanks alot !

Ahhh !!!LOL Im using my phone punye camerra....looks blurrrr~~~
LOL and to yp :No lahhh...the card looks nice =)

She even draw this !=.= fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

ThaNkss !Haha..She even draw this OMG !Your hand not pain arr ???
LOL she draw the 2 fasihians =.= haha...

From the front side :)

And this , is a speeechh from my lovely parents :)
It looks clear :)

This , is a speech from my Eldest sis :)
The wholeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee speeechh :) Thanks !

And , these people who wished me.Thanks yeahh !!!

1.Yee Pei Kiew [Classmate since I was in form 1 :)]
2.Nikie [My bestfriend !]
3.Jason [Form 3 guy ? ]
4.Ainul [SU buds !!]
5.Yat Kuan [My choir punye kawan]
6.Amsyar Daniel
8.Edwin Goh
9.Sut Theng
10.Jason... again =.= thx !
11.Se cret
12.Pik Yen
13.Voon Jin
15.Hui Ying
16.Lynnet Leong
18.Kak N
19.Mr. Khalaff
20.Shazaaa Aainaa [Thx sbb bawak pegi tgk AAR !!]
21.Yvonne Yong
22.Sher Mun
25.Justin Wong
26.Shau Jin
26.Alya [weee~~~~~~~]
27.Kak N dan ShazzzRilll [lovely couple :)]
28. Ezzzrynn Ahmedddd
29.My 2nd sis !She's in Egypt now :)

In school:
Ke Jia !!
Shingg Kernn !!
Chuan Jian !!
Me Familyyyyyyyyyyyy

So , that's all I thinkk....I cant remember who wished me in school =(
Shooorrryyyy.Ahhhhhh !!!!!!!!Screammmmmmsssssss !!!!!
And and , thanks to my eldest sis.She bought me a birthday present :)
Thanks !Forgot to take the pic =.= Haha...Its 3:35 a.m now.....
Haiz...Im still waiting that moment...waited for sooo long.God know's how long.

Ohh !!!I almost forgot bout our class party yesterday !!!
Haha..It was fun :) Haha...I din take pic cuz I din bring my camera :(
Battery cepat low !But , nevermind , Im getting a Dslr :)
Haha..I reached at Aqilah's house around 6:30p.m ?So , yeah ,
It was raining that time...So , when I reached her house ,
I asked Aqilah to teman me go padang for a while n blablabla....
Reached padang so many people came already...
So , I put some of my things there...then we both went back
to pray.We went to the party at 7:30p.m...Once I reach there
Xue Er suap-ed me watermalon.Haha..thx !^^
And they sang a Happy Birthday song for me and Janice.Thanks ! , we played some games...Then , took a group pic...Played
basketball.Haha..I dont know how to play basketball cuz I never
play before..heh.I simply play that nite..xD
Some of us went back early =( Haiz...and I left at 10 p.m...
Damn early !And I regret !=((((( Shitsss... Berat Hati man !=(
So , when I reached Aqilah's house , we both talk talk talkk~~~~
Then played Uno.LOL.11:34 p.m. Parents fetch.That's all for that nite.
Had fun a lot !A memorable nite :)

Well , nothing much to say.Thanks to those who wished me :)
Thanks to my Dad who's gonna get for me a new DSLR Nikon ,
Thanks to my sis for the present , Thanks too Yee Pei Kiew for the
Birthday card.Thanks all !!!!!Appreciate what you've done to me :)

So , Im gonna end my post now.Ciao !Nights !

p/s :Sorry to say , but...I started to hate u.U makes me.
p/s : Happy Jansen !!!!!!!^^